Saturn, the planet with the rings. It is really the most beautiful planet of the solar system.

Located two times farther from the Sun than Jupiter, Saturn is also 10 times smaller than him or 4.5 times smaller if we take into account his rings.

The rings are so big and bright that once you’ve seen them you can not turn away from Saturn anymore; it’s a captivating planet that everyone loves to watch, even in a small telescope of 60 mm in diameter.

Under very pretty and calm appearances, the atmosphere of Saturn undergoes violent storms with winds blowing at more than 1800 km / h and cyclones as big as the Earth!

Like Jupiter it is a giant planet made of gas. At the top of the clouds the temperature is close to -130 ° C and increases as one plunges into the atmosphere to reach 30000 °C in the nucleus.

Like Jupiter, Saturn is composed of light gases (hydrogen, helium) but its mass is only 95 times that of the Earth, so it is three lighter than Jupiter. This is why, given its diameter of 120536 km and its feather weight Saturn would float on the water, with an average density of 0.71.